The Office

Ever since Freshman year of highschool, I have regarded The Office as one of TV’s greats. I was the first in my family to fall in love with it on Netflix, and within a few episodes of my mom or brothers watching, they were hooked as well. It quickly became my little brother’s favorite (or top 3 or something) favorite shows and he continued watching it until the end. I did not though. I watched the new seasons when they were put up on Netflix, but after season 7, I tried getting into the new seasons but I felt it had been too long since I had watched the show that some of the jokes seemed to go over my head given that I was disconnected. 

I figured I would rewatch the series one day and finish up those seasons. Hell, The Office’s humor is mostly in its subtlety and I wanted to be able to pick up on all the jokes. 

Yet here I am, at season 8 after having rewatched everything before and reminded of why I loved the show as much as I did. However, now that I am at season 8, in previously uncharted territory, I am only reminded of the end of a different show, Scrubs. Season 8 of Scrubs wrapped the show up perfectly and literally brought a tear to my eye. Yet a season 9 came out after and honestly just left a bad taste in my mouth after the beautiful season 8 finale. I am sensing the same with The Office. Ever since Michael left and Robert California came in, the show feels different. The lines seem cheesier, the jokes WAY less subtle, and everything just feels off

I dont know if the show switched writers or something, but I wouldnt be surprised. It seems like all the characters have been dumbed down in a way and have had just their water-downed essences emphasized if that makes sense. Like each character instead of having the depth they used to, now seems like their one major quality has just been blown out of proportion. It seems like they are grasping for jokes wherever they can find them. The show also seems to have lost its documentary style. I always loved it because it only showed what the cameramen would have been able to catch. It seems like they don’t even try that method of filming anymore and that perturbs me. 

Honestly, I still enjoy watching the show, it just makes me sad that this isn’t even the final season and I am getting this perturbed feeling. I always say its better to end something short rather than drag it on and soil the name of it, and The Office may have been better off had it ended with Michael leaving the office. You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. 

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